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Muzhou Wang's Paper Named Cozzarelli Award Finalist

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) have named ”Direct Visualization of Bottlebrush Polymer Conformations in the Solid State” as finalist for its 2021 Cozzarelli Award in the area of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.  The Cozzarelli Awards are awarded to only a single winner and a single finalist in each of six categories, drawing from the 3,539 articles published in PNAS over the preceding year.  In the prize paper, Muzhou Wang, lead author and Ph.D. student Jonathan M. Chan, undergraduate Avram Kordon and former Wang lab postdoc Ruimeng Zhang describe their method for directly imaging individual polymers in solid materials using super-resolution optical microscopy.  Wang’s group is pioneering the use of this method for polymer imaging, allowing for new greater insights into the behavior of polymers within dense groupings.  Learn more here.
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