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Opera Bioscience Wins 2022 Equalize Pitch Competition

Opera Bioscience, a startup developing a bacterial platform for producing high-purity proteins, has won the 2022 Equalize Pitch Competition in MedTech.  Existing techniques for microbial protein production deliver an initial product that requires significant processing prior to use.  Opera, including co-founder Danielle Tullman-Ercek, eliminates the need for this purification process by producing equivalent product after the initial production stage.  Able to take advantage of higher-efficiency manufacturing techniques as a result, Opera is able to significantly lower the production costs associated with synthetic proteins.  While opening new possibilities for the creation of therapeutics and cell therapies, this technique also presents a major step forward in improving the commercial viability of synthetic meat products.  Equivalent reductions in demand for traditional meat products could have an impact on land and water use, as well as emissions targets.  Learn more here.
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