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Sustainability Poster Session Highlights Achievements of CESR Seed Grant Projects

CESR held its inaugural Sustainability Poster Session on May 17th, bringing together representatives of all 13 Seed Grant teams and a large crowd of interested students and faculty from around the university for lively research discussions. The resulting exchanges highlighted the strength of the Seed Grant program’s interdisciplinary focus. With each project consisting of two or more researchers from different disciplines, with a total of 13 distinct departmental affiliations in total, the event provided a broad base of exposure to novel approaches and research techniques for presenters and attendees alike. Graduate students served as the primary presenters for many of the posters, providing valuable experience to a new generation of researchers beginning their careers.  

CESR awards $60,000 Seed Grants each year to support 18-month collaborative research projects in sustainability. Supported by funding from Leslie and Mac McQuown, the CESR Seed Funding program fosters innovative, high-risk research that fosters new faculty collaborations, and provides support for graduate student(s) and/or postdoctoral fellow(s). Results from these projects aim to provide preliminary data to support proposals for funding from federal agencies, foundations, and/or industry. Learn more about the Seed Grant program here.

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